What Would You Do if You had Superpowers?

BY DEVIN TURNER – Feature Editor

Whether you deny it or not, everybody has pictured themselves with superpowers, at least once. Don’t worry, wanting to have supernatural abilities has crossed my mind multiple times – imagine not having to move to pick up the TV remote with telekinesis; one can only dream.

That begs the question, what would you do if you were to suddenly gain superpowers? Would you try and make the world a better place, or would you take advantage of your newfound powers and let yourself become corrupted?

As disappointing as it sounds, a lot of people in this world aren’t the nicest people, and when people have more power than needed, they become depraved. If I were to have supernatural powers, I would try my best to clean this world of corruption and try to bring everyone together in tranquillity.

Of course, like everything there is always a bad side to having superpowers – no personal space, media attention, government interference in your personal life, and the danger of people trying to mess with your loved ones. These are just a few reasons as to why having superpowers might be a nuisance, so having powers might actually have more disadvantages than advantages.

However, to some people having the power of flight can be more than enough, since having the ability to fly would save you quite a bit of money because you wouldn’t have to waste money on airplane tickets. On the other hand, flight might seem like a bore, instead they might want to have superstrength or superspeed; it all depends on what you would like and how it would benefit you in your day to day life.

Imagine having a modern day Superman, someone who can fly at speeds faster than sound, can lift tons, shoot lasers from their eyes, freeze people with their breathe, and can catch bullets with ease – doesn’t that sound amazing?! Again, it’s all just imagination, but a person’s imagination can be a powerful weapon.

Trust me when I say, the fact people don’t have superpowers more or less is a good thing. However, it’s still interesting to imagine yourself with superpowers!


Early Preparations for Prom
Sports Section Editor

As the end of the school year is coming, we are getting closer and closer to prom. This means girls are starting to think about where to get their dresses, how they want their hair and makeup done.
For some of us, this will be our first prom, so we want to make it a night to remember and look our absolute best.
The first thing you need to do is find out what kind of dress you would like to wear for prom, whether that be a long dress, short dress, puffy, or tight fitting. It’s better to start looking for a dress a couple of months in advance so you have plenty of time to find the best one for you and your price range.
After you find your dress, you should look for the perfect jewelry and accessories to go with it.
Once you find your jewelry and accessories, the next step is to find the right shoe. A great place to shop at for your jewelry and accessories is Charming Charlie’s. They sell very cute and inexpensive jewelry and accessories that are worth buying. When you go shoe shopping, you should bring your dress to make sure the colors go well together. A good idea on the night of prom, would be to bring a pair of flats just in case your feet start to hurt.
After you pick out your shoes, consider what you’ll be doing with your hair. If you want to save money, try to style your hair by yourself or have a family member or friend do it. If you are willing to spend the money on your hair, make sure to schedule your appointment a month in advance because the salons will be busy around prom season.
Lastly, you’ll need to figure out how you want your makeup to look. I suggest looking on Pinterest or YouTube for different makeup looks that will go well with your dress.
Before you head off to prom, it also might be a good idea to practice the look you’re going for to make sure everything appears perfect.
The most important part, is to make sure you have fun at prom and make great memories with your friends!

Choosing a Christmas Gift for Your Significant Other

Sports Section Editor

Christmas is approaching fast, which means it’s time to start buying the people you love gifts.
Some people may not know what to give their significant other, so here are some ideas.
It can be tough to buy gifts for our significant others. We try to put in as much thought as possible, and sometimes we can’t come up with anything.
The perfect gift doesn’t need to involve a lot of money and it doesn’t have to be stressful.
To make sure you give the best gift you can give, remember what your significant other is interested in.
For a girl who is more feminine, a couple of good gifts could be jewelry, flowers, makeup bags, room decor, and many other things like this. I wouldn’t suggest buying her a perfume or makeup because some girls are very particular with what kind of brand they like.
For a girl who is more athletic, some gift ideas would be new sneakers, sport headphones, gym bag, athletic socks, and athletic apparel.
Now for guys, you can buy them an instrument, like a guitar, video games, sports tickets, a gym bag, and many other things like these.
If you want to DIY a gift for your significant other, there are many options. One thing you can do is gather all the pictures you have together, get a cork board and pins, and pin all your pictures on the cork board. Another thing you could make is a basket filled with the things they like. For example, their favorite movie, candy, food, etc.
Christmas is just around the corner, so make sure you start your gift shopping now before it’s too late!

Freakishly Fun Fall Festivities

ARY’ANNA ORTOLAZA – School News Editor

In the month of October, mostly everyone is excited for the new flavors that come out for drinks, candles, desserts, and more. Another reason everyone is excited is because one of the coolest holidays falls in this month, and I’m talking about Halloween.

However, it seems that everyone is all about Halloween that they forget the other cool things you can throughout the month.

The leaves your parents seem to rake up every fall don’t have to go to waste. Go jump into the pile and have some fun or even collect some cool leaves and make some artwork with them.

Something traditional that a lot of people do during this month is pumpkin carving. All the work you see in carved pumpkins on people’s porches are very creative and cool to do for the season.

The previous activities are home based, so if you wanted to go out to do some awesome fall festivities, you could go on a hay ride, visit horror attractions, and corn mazes.

Some attractions that would put you in the Halloween spirit are: Field of Scream, Jason’s Woods, and Corn mazes scattered across Pennsylvania. The closest one in Lebanon is Seyfert’s Corn Maze.

However, if you don’t want to go so close, you can look up some corn mazes on the Internet.

The month of October has plenty of fun activities other than Halloween, so be sure to try something new this month.

Eighth to Ninth; The Transitioning

BY DEVIN TURNER– Feature Editor

School has begun again, and with each school year brings a new group of freshmen. Some freshmen will be confused and worried about starting high school, there are quite a few differences between middle school and high school.

Unlike middle school, students are much more responsible for their own work and learning. High school teachers allow you to have much more freedom, giving you allotted time to complete assignments at home if given permission.

Since freshmen are getting much more mature, teachers won’t always tell you to work; they will let you determine your own grade.

If a student decides not to complete an assignment then you will be penalized due to poor decision making. Of course, teachers will remind students to do their work, but overall your work ethic will determine your grade.

Another different aspect from middle school to high school is that freshmen will have more freedom; being able to choose your own seats during lunch, chew gum, and more. High school administration is a little more lenient when it comes to rules.

Lunch is also a big change since students are able to purchase drinks and snacks from the vending machines, during transitions, lunch breaks, and coming or leaving school.

Transitioning from middle school to high school can be difficult because the schedules are a bit different since you’re not used to the trimesters.

The difference from Lebanon Middle School’s trimester is that middle school students do not swap classes, but in high school swapping classes is a part of the trimester routine. So instead of having the same classes year round, after two marking periods some classes will change.

Freshmen may have a little bit of anxiety and confusion entering high school, but high school gives students a lot more freedom and enables students plenty of chances to succeed.

Entering the Real World: One Quote at a Time

BY LEAH CONNATSER – Arts and Entertainment Editor

After four years of constant drama, fallen relationships of all kinds, not so easy honors’ classes, and testy students, the Class of 2016 has made it through high school. They may have not yet figured out who they are, but they have the potential to do so.

Ready or not, the class is entering the real world, yes “the real world.” Due to certain circumstances, students cannot have senior quotes this year and it would be nice to actually see what they would say if they had the chance to.

It is often interesting to see what brief sentence will come out of a student’s mouth when you ask them to give just one quote for their many years of schooling. We can always look back at these quotes, read them, and we can imagine the person actually saying it because it is so them, you know?

Introducing a few of the Class of 2016’s senior class quotes!

Natalie Payne: “Whatever you sing, sing beautifully.”

Sasha Cruz: “It was the best of times and the worst of times.”

Tiffany Blauch: “Have fun and enjoy it all because before you know it, it’s all over.”

Thomas Gilbert: “Have fun waking up early next year.”

Billy Blair: “I’m going to be outside, so if anybody asks I’m outstanding.”

Luke Fureman: “The three w’s of high school: What’s for lunch? What’s the time? What’s due?”

Aaron Tskuino: “If you’re going to be late for school, might as well stop for a nice breakfast.”

Amber Bakke: “I’m weird, but not that weird.”

Adriana Pacheco: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened –Dr. Seuss”

Allie Bender: “No, I don’t play basketball.”

Just for fun, let’s take a look at other people from random schools who had senior quotes that made them completely win at life.

Geovanni Walker: “Don’t follow your dreams, follow my twitter, @geovanniwalker1.”

Patrick McClellan: “The senior quotes’ due today?”

Joanna Clark: “If somebody ever asks you to do something, do it really bad so you never have to do it again -Paris Hilton”

The Class of 2016 will be missed dearly and all we can do is try to keep them in our memories as they go off into the real world and strive to make a difference for themselves and others. These students have serious potential to do anything they put their minds’ to, and as long as they keep the Cedar Spirit they have obtained throughout their years at Lebanon High, they will surely make it.


It’s that Time of the Year

BY CHELSEA TORRES – World News Editor

Similar to the weather, television shows are beginning to make the transition over to their summer seasons.

Popular teen television shows are beginning to end, although some finished sooner rather than later.

The CW’s The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are coming to their close with an incredible twist right at the end of the season.

The Vampire Diaries, originally based off of the teen series written by L.J. Smith, is currently on its seventh season. After the loss of the main character, Elena, in season sixth, the show began to veer on its own path.

At this point, the show began to lose interest without its leading lady. With Elena gone, the show began to expand on the other characters and new love interests were formed.

Caroline and Stefan along with Bonnie and Enzo played very pivotal roles in this season. Fans also began to feel for the mourning Damon, who struggled to find his way without Elena by his side.

The fans were thrown for a loop when there was a crossover with The Originals, new alliances and enemies came together while  relationships between characters were broken and reformed. Now the show is coming to an end with Damon and Enzo possessed and on a rampage of killings, while the gang has to figure out a way to fix them.

After all, it was each of the characters’ actions that led to the consequences that Damon and Enzo are facing now. Writers know how to keep the fans interested by giving them exactly what they want and then throwing a wrench in their path.

All the fans, including me, are curious to see how all of this will play out and who comes out harmed or unharmed. Only two episodes left of this season, and I am sitting on the edge of my seat, are you?